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5 Feb 2015

Brazil Olympics, adadisi is no longer a sports official partner, they will focus on the 2016 World Cup sales, also will be in Brazil. Come summer, if you need more flowery dress to show the blooming of outdoor life? Adidas outdoor series this season to bring you the colors brighter outdoor shoes and t-shirt combo, made this summer bloom more c nike blazers low olors! Boat Lace DLX Intercity off-road series in July launched a new Boat Lace DLX outdoor shoes, light and stylish, comfortable fit is an ideal daily outdoor gear of choice this season. With breathable canvas upper with soft leather match, could provide additional comfort. Lamination of heel fitting. Arches site inner shoe core gasket, effectively prevent excessive forefoot and heel caused by reverse operation

Dynamic damage. Unique Traxion outsole part and on slippery ground can provide the best grip on the ground, avoiding wrestling. Boat Lace DLX has 5 new color schemes to choose from, clever contrast of uppers and soles of arbitrary sway this summer, blooms. Simple fresh Match Play has always been in the adidas Originals footwear series won the fans favored the popularity of tennis shoes, all because of Match Play Super Joker, makes them as they originally came from tennis shoes to cope with daily life and leisure supplement, it is no wonder that a fan put it down. Recently in adidas Blue fall/winter 2012 quarterly series, once again introduced a new color scheme in the Match Play, still continue the most classic adidas 3-Stripes logo, stomatal outline to show, on the tongue are also accompanied by adid

As Originals trefoil label, along with Navy Blue and white color scheme was launched, are relatively easy to match colors, plus the Joker shoes all the year round shapes at any time ready for you to battle, September will log on sale! in August, adidas has launched a new series of free football boots. Free Adidas Football X-ite football boots mak nike blazers high e feet closer to the ground, flexible outsole to help kicker faster acceleration, ultralight uppers make the players on the pitch more to keep you well. Synthetic mesh upper makes shoes lighter, more breathable and more flexible. Uppers and midsole of the grids with greatly enhanced ball feel and control. High wear-resistant synthetic material protective toe and heel. Mesh lining results in better comfort and breathability. Die-molded EVA midsole for greatly reducing the weight of buffer layers. Soles of a




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