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5 Feb 2015

Custom theme design, fabric, or color research, technology applications are best. This shoe is a collection of wear-resistant, breathable, cushioning, rubber outsole for supple comfort, way convenient, simple Velcro closure, the children grew up, foot protection can play a very good role. Adidas “future care to grow,” the mission, more of vans high tops a bearing on children’s infinite love. Believes adidas ‘ growth is that many people to see, from the apparel category, this is a very long process, and put behind it the hard, how many people know about it? Recently, the adidas innovation-driven and aimed at male consumers, launched the first product produced using Eastman Tritan copolyester, sports bottle. This Kettle capacity of 750 ml, weight is 100 grams and there are three colors,

Contains crystal blue, red, black and gray. It is worth mentioning that, a new generation Eastman Tritan copolyester, crash resistant rugged performance, easy deformation and so on. Tritan material processing, but also makes the product remains free and more powerful in appearance, more choices for consumers. After repeated tests confirmed that adidas launched a sports bottle with wear resistant to damage, anti-fall and continued transparency. This kind of performance has further highlighted the reliability of adidas quality and showing constant innovation and toward the peak of it. Adidas, not only bring men and sports water bottles made of Eastman Tritan copolyester, sustained rise in more of a passion. Recently, adidas a miCoach fitness wristbands Fit Smart exposure. It is understood that the miCoach

Fit Smart may collect information, including calories, pace, heart rate, speed, etc, it supports Bluetooth 4.0, which can be inferred from their needs and mobile phone accessories. It is worth mentioning that, this Tracker is not a conventional display, but a LED screen, the back of the heart rate sensor is also clearly visible. We are not sure whether the device will c vans rata vulc arry Google Fit system, nor is it clear when available, but adidas is partner of the gym equipment platform, which can be seen on the unit name. In fact, in terms of fitness equipment, adidas has developed more slowly than Nike, adidas does not give up, but more to acting in Nike, the challenges in the field of wearable device, this fitness wrist band is sufficient to say that it has




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