SUKA TIGER in the city held three

5 Feb 2015

hion, exhibitions, replaceable uppers of shoes from them, plants vs zombies fitness shoes, booming sales. Fact sheet: has shipped more than more than 100 pairs, this for shoes, a bottom three sides, according to different needs at low, high or between leather and replaced travel simply with one. In addition, this year a number of the old brand of Hong vans shoes Kong, Macao and Japan Korea old and also joined the exhibition, attracted the attention of many people. In Taiwan before the exhibition, some told reporters that they were directed at Taiwan tea, Oolong from the roof of the cave. Fact sheet: bringing Taiwan famous Camellia, mountain tea, Oolong from the roof of the cave of Ali … … First, supermarkets do not have. Boil: this hole Oolong Taiwan South stream, anywhere else is a sham, tea

Is not the country of origin, there are differences. Pan Dafu season in Basketball Association name is still registered with Tzu Chi WPI, but that won’t stop his Panda-loving heart, he officially launched his new sneakers today, full of lovely Panda elements. The new sneakers in both white and black color scheme, happens to be a Panda’s basic color and most shoes and regular sneakers is no different, but exquisite is the tongue part, fixed like a Panda bear doll, sneakers on both sides there are two small arms, makes the shoes look very cute. In addition, Pan Dafu kiong “before each game of the new season, I will be wearing these shoes, red pandas are removable on the tongue, before the game started I will throw the Red Panda down into the audience, grab the doll’s fans will be the day star of Pan Dafu

“From September 25 to 27th, fashion brand ONITSUKA TIGER in the city held three days of music and” RIGHT NOW familiar walk “exhibition. Site displays lots of classic ONITSUKA TIGER shoes autumn/wi vans ca carillo nter 2014 and new, extremely powerful mega-ONITSUKA TIGER shoe box appearance, there are “crazy, free to play, dream trips” fashion attitude. Avril by Bruce Lee, stars like ONITSUKA TIGER came from Japan, started by ghost view kihachiro, is the world’s first functional footwear brand, is known as the originator of the sneaker community. Back in the 50 ’s of last century, its first successful designers ghost view kihachiro exhaust systems into the design, later imitated by many sneaker brand. “The sole is made of tires late, slip-wear, at the center of the sole or




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