the same period last year to 23.5

5 Feb 2015

Hall introduced for consumers to create personalized and comfortable shopping environment, Dan than slave fashion brand stores, allows consumers to get more match experience and fun. In this sweeping across Red Sea market in fast fashion storm, Dan roots than slaves based on brands, fast fashion market, occupying its own seat, by virtue of a vans half cab strong brand strength and support of consumers and dealers, DAMBOLO Dan than slave fashion brand has been created with outstanding performance, worthy of the fast fashion industry leader. Dan than slaves, fast fashion, consumer preferred brand. In nine years of stunning elegance, fast fashion DAMBOLO became one of ten influential brand of China leather industry, but also the national leather industry quality assured, consumers preferred brand, was the “fast fashion” operating mode of fashion brand, is also the first combination

020 business model fast fashion brands. Therefore, the brand Dan than slaves gained a lot, honor, fame, and has a market share of … … While the Dan more than exciting so much ride is harvest partners. Our quality excellence, continuously updated styles. We have to build a brand image as the core, in the form of franchise expansion, increase brand attractiveness with high quality service. Fast fashion Dan than slave has been believes, as long as customer trust we, we has responsibility has obligations with we of really to maintenance, with we of enthusiasm to infection, with we of power to development! global maximum movement supplies manufacturer Nike Inc. (NYSE:NIKE) Nike-4.html “target=” _blank “> Nike group Thursday stocks closed Hou announced of 2015 fiscal year a quarter performance in the of the data are recorded have sharply growth, thorn

Stress and its shares soared 7.36% to a record high of us vans old skool $ 85.60. Nike footwear group net profit for the quarter ending August 31, 962 million dollars, representing an increase of $ 779 million in the same period last year to 23.5%, diluted earnings per share increased from us $ 0.86 to $ 1.09 trillion, far exceeding market expectations of $ 0.88. Brazil World Cup pushed the brand Nike Nike Soccer shoes and clothing sales, while United States consumer movement as a daily wear and fashion by creating extra income. Group revenues in the first quarter totaled $ 7.98 billion, higher than the market forecast of $ 7.78 billion. Rose 14.5%. Gross margin benefited from the share of higher-margin products such as Flyknit and the strong growth of direct consumer channels, an increase of 170 basis points to 46.6%, 44.9% for the same period last year. The past few years has been struggling




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